The first step to approaching a job offer is to carefully read all of the material sent. This includes the email, the formal offer (typically a .pdf attached to the email), any other attachments, and all relevant links.

Your materials will typically include the following information:

  1. Salary (or hourly wage)
  2. Location
  3. Start date and end date (in the case of internships)
  4. Expenses covered
  5. Benefits (probably not included in an internship offer)
  6. Housing (provided or not provided)
  7. Contacts
  8. Date to accept offer by


The next step is to send an email to your contact, thanking them for extending the offer. If this is your dream internship/job, be sure to indicate that this position is on the top of your list and that you appreciate the time they have given to thoroughly review the offer. If this is one of a few internships/jobs you are considering indicate that you are strongly considering the offer and appreciate the time for consideration. Also, confirm that you will have a response for them before the date indicated on the offer.

QUICK TIP: At this point, if there are any unclear points on the offer, don’t be afraid to ask questions in your emailed response.