The CCO works with every degree-seeking student and alumni on their individualized career and professional development plans. Additionally, we provide information via our blog, podcast, and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and a weekly newsletter, Inside Track. We also coordinate the Workforce Recruitment Program every Fall semester, to enable disabled students and alumni to benefit from this Federal Government initiative.

Disabled students and alumni may have some additional questions about their career strategies, and are encouraged to consult with a CCO Career Counselor about the following questions in particular:

  • Should I disclose my disability to an employer?
  • When and how should I disclose my disability to an employer?
  • How can I highlight my skillsets to an employer without focusing on my disability?
  • How should I focus on my abilities over my disabilities?
  • Can I ask for an accommodation during the interview process?
  • Can I ask for accommodations in the workplace?
  • Are there companies that look to hire people with disabilities in particular?