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The U.S. Department of Labor reports that up to 80% of all positions are filled without employer advertising. That means that almost 80% of jobs are filled through some form of NETWORKING

WHY? It saves employers time and money when they fill positions based on recommendations from colleagues or friends.  

Who Do You Start With?

You know networking is vital, but how do you begin the process? There are a number of ways to grow your network. Start by exploring the categories below.

Family & Friends Inform family and friends of companies and career professions that interest you because they may know someone you can connect with.
Purdue Alumni Connect with Purdue alumni who are in your field, live in cities you’d like to move to, or work in companies that interest you through networking sites like LinkedIn.
Professors & TAs Seek information from professors and TAs as they may have contacts in career fields you may not have considered.
Co-workers Even though you’re working a part-time job to help pay for college now, keeping in contact with your co-workers is a great idea.
Academic Advisers & CCO Counselors Inquire about possible professional connections from Academic Advisers and CCO career consultants. They’ve worked with a lot of students who are now alumni. 
Classmates Keep in touch with your classmates because they’ll be your co-workers in the professional world one day.

Where Do You Network?

  • Informational interviews or job shadowing experiences 
  • Professional organizations or conferences in your area of study
  • Company information sessions and career fairs
  • Opportunities offered by your college or the CCO
  • Social media platforms

Want more advice?

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