Informational interviewing is a 10–30 minute phone or in person conversation with someone working in a position or field that interests you. It’s a great way to:

  • Decide if a career field is a good fit for your interests, skills, and personality
  • Gain insight into an organization’s culture
  • Understand which major best prepares you for a certain career path
  • Make a good impression and inquire about other professionals you can contact in the future
  • Obtain valuable feedback concerning your resume content and structure 
Friends, family, and professors You will be amazed at how many contacts you will be able to make through existing relationships.
Social networks Are you on LinkedIn? Facebook? Twitter? Do you blog? Tap into your existing friends, followers, connections and alumni by reaching out to them for the info you’re seeking. Specifically learn how to do this through LinkedIn by clicking here
Information sessions and career fairs These events can be very useful even if you aren’t looking for a job, especially since many of the company representatives that visit Purdue are alumni.


Visit the MAKE A STRONG INTRODUCTION section to figure out how to best introduce yourself to new connections and expand the INFORMATIONAL INTERVIEW REQUEST EMAILS tab below to see how to ask for an informational interview online.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re looking to conduct a job shadow, the process for setting one up is the same as setting up an informational interview . You are just asking for a bit more time with a job shadow. Consider starting with an informational interview, and following up with a job shadow if you want to get a deeper view.
REMEMBER: People usually are very willing to help and lend advice, so don’t be afraid to ask for their guidance!

Hi Lawrence,
I am a Purdue Pharmacy student from the San Francisco area. I am interested in summer internship opportunities but I’m not quite sure where to start. Given your extensive career path, I was hoping you might have suggestions or just might be willing to share your expertise with a fellow Boilermaker. Hope to hear from you soon!
Claudine Meilink
Hi Jennifer,
I'm a fellow Purdue alum and am interested in learning more about [Company Name], as well as your career path. I am focused on making a career move that involves moving to the Chicago area and would really appreciate if you would take the time to chat with me.
Best Regards,
Tamara Clarkson
Hi Chris -
I'd love to speak with you about your career path in the near future. I am a Purdue alumni looking to make a career change in to technical sales. Please let me know if you have time to chat! Boiler Up!
Matt Altepeter
Hi Lauren,
I'm a fellow Purdue alum living and working in NYC and exploring some new career options. I met with Claudine Meilink at the CCO (she says hi by the way) and thought you might be willing to talk with me about your career. I would appreciate if you would take the time to chat with me.
Best Regards,
Iyad Yacoub
Mr. Hintz -
I recently attended the Krannert function in NYC but did not get the opportunity to speak with you. I am interested in shifting gears in my career to investment banking and was hoping I could pick your brain for some direction. I realize you are quite busy so even if we could meet briefly for coffee I would be very appreciative.
John Thorne
I'm a student at Purdue interested in converting my Industrial Engineering experience to the finance industry. I am hoping to connect with some Purdue alumni in banking to learn more about the industry. Would you be willing to help a fellow Boilermaker? 
Angela Petrie